Cake Smash Backdrop Choices

I don’t know why it took me so long to compile this page of cake smash backdrops. When it comes time to have my Edmonton Cake Smash clients choose which backdrop they want to use, I’ve been sending them an awkward link to my Facebook page. It was supposed to take them to a Cake Smash album. But depending on which device they are viewing the album on, it either doesn’t open or some of the photos aren’t there at all. So hopefully this blog post is better!

Rock Star

1G6C4928 edit copy web.jpg

Light Pink

Blonde girl wearing a dark purple tutue sucks her finger as she sits in front of a pink background

Blue Chevron

Blonde haired boy wearing overalls in front of a blue and white chevron backdrop looks disgusted by the icing on his hands

White Paper

blue eyed baby sits in a metal bath tub on front of a white wall with a red pennant banner

Cream Alphabet

three children sit on a wooden chair in front of  a cream wall covered in coloured letters

Night Sky

a sleeping baby in a blue bucket in front of a dark starry night backdrop

Baby Blue Alphabet

little children pose for a photo in front of a baby blue wall covered in the alphabet

Heart Quilt

a terrier dog poses on a pink rug infront of a pink heart backdrop

Dark Grey Brick

a blonde hair girl cries as she celebrated her first birthday in front of a dark grey brick backdrop

Light Pink Paper

a sweet girl with big blue eyes sits in front of the light pink backdrop

Cracked Pink/Purple/Green Chevron

an east indian baby girl smiles and smashes her cake

Light Blue Paper

a baby boy with blonde curls is covered in cake as his sits on a light blue paper backdrop


a one year boy wearing jeans grabs a handful of icing in front of a grey chalkboard wall

Hot Pink Paper

an east indian girl with dark hair wears a pink tutu and sits with her pink cake on her hot pink backdrop

Grey Pattern

a baby girl hugs a balloon and smiles on her first birthday celebration

Lilac Flowers

n unimpressed little girl sits on her cake in front of a wall of lilac flowers

Grey Chevron

an east asian boy smiles big  in front of a dark grey and white chevron backdrop

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