Edmonton Baby Photographer * Mommy Connections South

This crew of babies with the Mommy Connections South group had some biggest eyes!  I love how baby eyes are so large and bright eyed. And expressive. They were all very sweet and easy to photograph.

 a baby boy sits on a fuzzy brown rug with a big toothy smile

 a blue eyed baby boy lays on a fuzzy brown rug with a big toothy smile

 blonde mother cuddles her brown eyed baby girl to her chest

wearing a blue and red striped shirt is a baby boy doing tummy time

suspicious looks from a baby girl being held close by her mother

a big brown eyed baby girl lays on her tummy

 a mother in an orange shirts kisses the chubby hbald head of her baby boy

a blue eyed baby girl wearing mint green clothing looks at the camer as she lays on a fuzzy brown rug

red haired mother snuggles with her east indian baby

a baby boy with a bald head looks suspiciiously at the camera

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