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My morning with the February 2016 Mommy Connections South toddler class was fun. My mobile photography studio was set up at that Inflatable Fun indoor playground in south Edmonton. It’s always a bit tricky doing sessions at an indoor playground. What child wants their photos taken, when they can be jumping in a bouncy castle?  But I did my job and entertained them for just long enough to get the smiles and the giggles for the photo session. 

Do you want to travel to some fun play area with your toddler?  Mommy Connections have classes running throughout the year. I photograph moms, babies and toddlers with both the South and West groups. I’d love to give you some beautiful photos of you and your child. 

A mother sits with her children on a cream coloured backdrop


big smiles from a little boy wearing a green and grey sweatshirt


a black and white photo of a dark haired mother and her little boy sitting on a neautral coloured floor together


an asian toddler looks suspiciously at the camera as his sit on a curved white bench like it's a horse


a little girls with short brown hair giggles as she pretends a white curved bench is a horse to ride on


with her pony tail sprouting from the top of her head a toddler giggles and laghs as she kicks her feet in the air


a toddler with big brown eyes smiles at the camera as he sits on a cream coloured flokati


a big smile from a little baby as her big brother kisses her cheek


a spanish heritge toddler makes a funny face during a photo session


mom sits with her two blue eyed daughters as they giggle


mom sits with her two blue eyed daughters as they giggle


two blue eyed sisters lay on their tummies on a light coloured flokati rug


mom sits with her two blue eyed daughters as they giggle


a toddler boy with spikey blonde hair shows off his new Edmonton Oilers jacket

Book your child’s photo sessions by clicking here! I would love to work with you.

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