Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Baby Charlize

I’ve met some wonderful people in my years as an Edmonton Newborn photographer. And I’ve crossed paths with people I’ve grown up with and people that my husband knows. This was the case with Charlize’s mother. They know each other through the Edmonton Spring Board diving scene. It’s fun learning about the connections that people have and how we are all so interconnected. And not just on Facebook. Baby Charlize had the cutest little round face and puffy cheeks. Her big brother wasn’t keen on photos. I did managed to sneak a few when he was distracted by an iphone. You gotta do what you gotta do. Toddlers have their own agenda.

A newborn girl wrapped in white fabric is sleeping with her hands tucked under her chin in a pink fabric stuffed bucket

a one week old baby girl smiles in her sleep on a bed made from a pale brown knit blanket

with her little hand placed on her cheek, a new baby girl sleeps on a lavendar flokati rug

with her little hand placed on her cheek, a new baby girl sleeps on a lavendar flokati rug, in the potato sack pose

a blonde and blue eyed toddler boy lays on the floor next to his sleeping sister, who is smiling

a new Edmonton family of 4 snuggle together during a photoshoot with their new baby girl

a blonde mother and father cuddle together with their newborn baby girl in the middle

a beautiful new mother wearing all white against her long blonde hair, hugs her new baby girl to her chest

a bald caucasian father cradles his newborn girl in his arms against an all black backdrop

mom and dad kiss the head of their newborn baby girl at their Edmonton home

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