Edmonton Baby Photographer * Mommy Connections South

I bought a new backdrop colour. The Mommy Connections Edmonton South baby group was the first group that got to test it out. I like the warmer colour and it photographs so nicely. The perfect choice for Fall photos in Edmonton. 

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A round cheeked baby girl in a pink dress sits in a wooden bed


a baby girl lays on her back grabbing her toes


an asian mother cuddles her baby to her chest


a spanish mother sits on the ground with her little baby in front of a brown backdrop


a mother cuddles her baby boy who is sleeping


a mother and baby son sit on the floor during a photo session with the Mommy Connecitons class


wearing a white bow on her head is a baby girl with her cheek pressed against her mother's


a black and white photo of blonde haired mother and her baby girl cuddling together

Book your mom and baby photo sessions by clicking here! I would love to work with you.

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