Edmonton Newborn Photographer * Oaklyn

I met my first strawberry blonde Edmonton newborn! Introducing 3 week old baby Oaklyn. Isn’t she sweet with her peachy cream skin and that perfect little pout!  She has an adorable big brother too. It took an extra bit of convincing for him to take a photo with his new baby sister. It’s tough when siblings are two, but we got a cute photo of them together and his belly button. Lol. 

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an auburn haired mother holds her baby girl close to her face during a newborn photography session


a new family of four pose together in front of a cream coloured backdrop for a photo session with their baby girl


a mother and father wearing black shirts cuddle their new baby girl


a toddler boy in a blue button up shit sits in a wrought iron cream coloured metal bed


a sleeping newborn girl in a pink scarf sticks her tougue out


laying on a lavendar flokati rug is a toddler and his newborn baby sister


a newborn girl sleeps in a pink wrap on a lavendar flokati rug


a newborn girl sleeps in a pink wrap on a pink flokati rug


a thin layer of red haird is on the head of a sleeping newborn baby girl


a newborn girl with perfect pink skin sleeps on her tummy with a dark purple knit hat on her head


wrapped in mint green and sleeping on a matching blanket is a baby girl

Book your newborn photo sessions by clicking here! I would love to work with you.

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