Edmonton Baby Photographer * Benjamin is 7 Months

Benjamin’s year is flying by!  Already 7 months old. With my Year of Firsts packages, I suggest the half year session sometime around 6-8 months. The idea for this session is to capture them sitting. This is usually the milestone they reach around 6 months old. They are also super happy and so fun to photograph. I love this age.  

A spiky pigtailed little girl grabs her toes as she sits on a grey backdrop


a family with two little children sits together on a dark grey backdrop


a black Labrador Retreiver dog joins his family of 4 for a photo on a grey backdrop


a baby brother and his big sister laugh as they lay together on their backs on a fuax fur rug


a baby boy in a button up white shirt lays on his back smiling with his big wide eyes


a dark haired father holds his daughter on his shoulders


a dark haired father holds his baby boy on his lap in front of a grey wall


a bald baby boy sits in a wooden bucket


a bald baby boy sits in a wooden bucket with a teal coloured blanket


wearing a grey sweater outfit is a baby boy sitting on a woolen rug on a grey backdrop


tummy time for a naked baby on a woolen rug


a blonde mother hugs her sad looking baby boy

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