Gucci Sneak Peak * Edmonton Pet Photography

This is Gucci and she’s adorable! Here’s a quick little teaser of this tiny little puppy from today.

Edmonton Pet Photography

Janow Family * Edmonton Family Photography

It’s been a few weeks since I took these photos, but I’ve been neglectful of posting them (sorry Janow’s). I guess it’s a good thing since I can put them on my new blog instead of the old one!

It’s also been a few months since I took photos of this little guy and his mom. She contacted me about getting some family photos done in the canola fields after seeing another recent family photo session I did. The evening we picked to meet up, just happened to be the same day that EVERY mosquito on the planet converged on Edmonton! It was unreal! They were even trying to bite my camera and our vehicle! And then a few days alater, most of then were gone. Weird.

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Family Photographer

I love his big eyes! Such a little cutie!

Edmonton Baby Photographer

Edmonton Canola Field

Edmonton Family Photographer

Welcome To My New Blog!

I have been wanting a flashy new blog for awhile - and although I did like the old platform, it was quite limited in what it could do.  So after reviewing the plethora of blogsite companies out there, I stumbled upon Myfotojournal. It’s geared toward photographers and it’s an Edmonton based company!  So I am more than happy to support them! And I think this blog looks snazzy — bigger photos, easier to navigate and easier to leave comments in the comments section. I’ll be adding more stuff & information to this site in the coming weeks — and I have to do something special for my one year anniversary with Teagan Photography. I don’t know how I missed it last month! Maybe a Fall special or a contest!  If you have ideas, let me know what you’d like!

Now an update from my personal/professional life: because I am due with my second child in November, I will be somewhat limiting the number of Fall sessions I book. I will try to work for as long as I can, but this pregnancy has been pretty hard on me physically (I just spent a week in hospital!  Although hospital food isn’t that bad…dessert with every meal. Ha ha!)  So if you are thinking of getting family photos done this autumn (great for Christmas cards), book with me sooner than later. I’ve already noticed some leaves on the poplar trees in Edmonton turning yellow. What’s up with that?

And what’s a new blog post without a photo? Here’s my cheeky daughter eating raspberries (or raspblues as she calls them) from her grandpa’s berry garden.