Rebuilding in Progress

If you have visited my blog in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed there are no photos of my sessions. Just a bunch of posts with  the same picture saying I need to update my 3rd Party Service provider.  For the last 10 years I had been using Photobucket to host my blog photos, because it was free. Yeah yeah I know. Free never stays free. And it didn’t. Overnight, one day in June, Photobucket broke the links for 10’s of millions of photos and sent out word that we had to pay for their highest level of service before they would restore the links. Myself and millions of other long time users were shocked and very upset. So I am now trying to rebuild my blog by uploading the photos again through MyFotoJournal, which hosts my blog. This is what I should have done in the beginning. In the meantime, please visit my Facebook Page for the latest photos. This will take a long time to fix. 

Allison Anderson, Teagan Photography

Ps here is an updated photo of my little family. This was from the last few days we had with our little dog, Shadow. 

1G6C6444 edit blog.jpg

Mommy Connections Spruce Grove * Spruce Grove Baby Photographer

Here are the moms & babies with the Mommy Connections Spruce Grove group. Such a fun group and the babies (and a few siblings) were great little models!  I love doing these types of large group sessions — and I hope I get to come back for another term!  *hint hint*

If you are a new mom in Spruce Grove, you should check out the fantastic Mommy Connections program. You’ll learn things, have fun, and meet a great group of moms. My mother’s group still gets together and our children are over three years old now!


G Family * Edmonton Family Photographer

At the beginning of this month I held my first set of Fall mini-sessions. It was a great way for a families to get a few photos for Christmas cards and it’s also a good way to try out a photographer!  It was also a great learning experience for me. The #1 thing I learned:  the weather will always be uncooperative the weekend of mini-sessions.  I guess that was partly true. Day one was pretty cold and windy. The rain did hold off. Day two was also chilly, but the sun did come out in time for the afternoon sessions.

I thought about blogging everybody’s photos, but that would take me forever. So I selected one of the mini-session families to profile. I chose the G Family’s session. Mom is also a photographer in Fort Saskatchewan, so I was pretty intimidated to do this session. But I managed to hold it together and not burst out into tears or throw up. Just kidding! They were great and their super cute daughter is a little spitfire!

Anyway, enjoy the photos and maybe I’ll do this again next year. Perhaps Spring sessions when the trees are in bloom?






This little guy kept following me around all day. Pretty sure he was trying to have a staring contest. I won.


2011 Christmas Cards

Check it out!  Here are the available template choices through Teagan Photography for your 2011 Christmas Cards!  They are 5x7 flat cards (some designs can be folded), double sided printed, and with envelopes! These cards are press-printed on high quality paper with premium ink — not your typical Walmart photographic paper. They are beautiful!

Set of 25 5×7 Flat Cards — $80.00
Set of 25 5×7 Folded Cards — $100.00                                                                                                                             Additional sets (with same design) — $40.00 each

If you are not a previous client of mine, you can still order your cards through me. All I need are the photos emailed to me and will design you a awesome Christmas card!

When ordering please quote the number which is below each card.  The deadline for ordering Christmas cards is December 6th!

Upload from October 19, 2011

                                                        #1                                                                                                             #2


                                                        #3                                                                                                             #4


                                                        #5                                                                                                                    #6






                                                               #9                                                                                                            #10